DAN “Submitting” Guidelines

1. Click on the Log in button on top of the web page to log in with your Username and password.

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2. If you have forgotten your Username or password , you can apply for resetting them in the same Log in form, clicking on the red text.
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Click the Log in button to access to your private part of the web.

3. Click on the Add new item button to show the submitting form.

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4. Once the submitting form is shown, we recommend you to fill in the information  according to the following instructions:

Step  4.1: Fill in the title of the contribution. This text will appear as a heather of your article, so it should be clear and not too long.

Step 4.2: Select a Category according to the kind of information you are submitting. See the “General Guidelines” for a detailed description of the categories. Keep in mind that some of the information to fill in depend on the Category, so it’s necessary to select it before further steps. Only one Category is allowed per article.

Step  4.3: Select the Topics (called “Tags” in the form) treated in your article to allow a proper classification. Multiple Topics can be selected, to help DAN users to find the information.

To do so, first click on the text in the left box.  Once selected, click on the “Add >>” button to move it to the “selected tag” box.

Step 4.4: To undo it, click on the selected tag in the “selected tag” box and then click on the “<<Remove” button.

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5. To write the text of your article, you have to scroll down to the Editor, marked as “Item main text”. You can write the article in the language of your choice.

Step  5.1: Click on the [Toggle Editor] button to alternate between the presentation view and the HTML view.

Step 5.2: Write your text.

Step  5.3: If you are not confident with HTML, we recommend you to use the presentation view. It shows some buttons to help composing your text (Undo, Redo, Font styles, Bullets, Numbering, Links).

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6. Under the “Item main text” editor there are the Image and Media blocks.

Step  6.1 (IMAGE) : If you wish to illustrate your contribution  by picture(s), you can upload a file using this button. The name of the button may change depending on your system language. Only image format files can be shown (jpg, tiff, png….). We recommend you to always illustrate your contribution, it makes it more attractive and helps understanding what the article is about.

Step 6.2 (MEDIA): If your contribution is a video,  please notice that any video must be uploaded first to a multimedia provider first, such youtube, vimeo, etc…. Select the right provider in the combo box, and then specify the video ID in the text box. The ID usually is a long text string that the provider assigns to sort them.

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7. The following block is called Extra Fields. If you haven’t selected the Category, it will show like this:

SM img 7
That is because some of the information required depends on the Category you select for your article.

Once the Category is set, you can fill in the information.

Step 7.1 : Write an abstract that summarizes your article, so DAN users can know what it is about at a quick glance. Although the articles and information can be in any language, abstracts can only be written in English, Spanish or French, the official languages of the DAN site. You don’t have to write it in each language, one is enough. The DAN editor team will translate the given abstract into the other two official languages. Abstracts should not exceed 150 words. Longer abstracts may be shortened by the editor for translation.

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Step 7.2: Fill the rest of the information. It’s very important to fill properly the information.

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If your contribution is a link to another webpage, you should specify it in the “Link” fields. Otherwise, leave it blank.

8. Attachments can be uploaded in the last block. You can upload any kind of file, but pdf format is preferred. The maximum size allowed is 32Mb per single file.

Step 8.1: Click on “Add attachment field” button to add a file. A little block will appear to upload a file every time that the button is clicked.

Step 8.2: Click the button to specify the file to be uploaded. You can do the same in each little block to upload multiple files.

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9. Finally, click on the Save button on top of the form to submit your contribution.

If your submission has been successful you will have an immediate confirmation by the editor.

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10. You can edit any of your contributions by  Login in. Then, any of your articles will show an “Edit Item” button. Click it and a form will show, with the same structure as the submit form.

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