FECTU webinar : Evaluation of collar types used on working donkeys in Europe

  • João Rodrigues talks about the evaluation of collar types used on working donkeys in Europe. Joao qualified at the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro (2007), was classified as an Expert in Veterinary Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery by the Complutense University of Madrid (2011), and obtained a Ph.D. focusing on research in the field of donkey dentistry (2013). He was appointed as Professor of Medicine and Surgery of Equids in Portugal in 2013 and joined The Donkey Sanctuary in 2016. Joao has extensive donkey medical and welfare experience in Europe and with working donkeys globally, is a regular lecturer, tutor, and practical assessor in equid dentistry worldwide, and has published numerous articles and contributions to books. He is the chair of the Portuguese Association of Animal Traction (APTRAN) and the FECTU - European Draught Horse Federation.

FECTU Webinar : Common conditions of the hoof in working and companion equids

  • FECTU Webinar with Alex Thiemann: Common conditions of the hoof in working and companion equids Alex’s family owned donkeys and this led to a life- long interest in the species. She qualified from Cambridge Vet School and worked in mixed then equine practice, joining the Donkey Sanctuary in 1998, where she is now Senior Veterinary Surgeon with responsibility for advancing educational aims. Alex has a Certificate in Advanced Equine Practice, a Masters in International Animal Health from Edinburgh, and an education qualification from the Royal Vet College. Alex has worked in the UK, Europe and many countries across the world where donkeys are used for livelihoods, milk and meat, and has seen the need for better welfare globally. She hopes vets will take a better interest in donkeys and enjoy working with them.

FECTU Webinar : How working equids have an essential role in one Health?

  • The topic of 'One Health' explores the interdependence between human, animal and environmental health. In this webinar, the background to One Health and the relevance to working equids is be discussed. Examples from around the globe demonstrate how working equid communities put One Health into practice on a daily basis, proving that it is more than just a concept. Rebekah Sullivan is Lead Veterinary Surgeon for Medicine at The Donkey Sanctuary and Part-time student of MSc in One Health with the University of Edinburgh. Rebekah qualified as a vet in 2005 and spent a month volunteering with the working equid charity, SPANA, in a clinic in Morocco, before settling down to work in mixed veterinary practice in the UK and a short stint in New Zealand. A further period spent volunteering for an animal charity in Egypt confirmed Rebekah's keen interest in working equids and the relationship between working equid health and welfare and human livelihoods, health and wellbeing. A life long love of the great outdoors has encouraged Rebekah to be environmentally aware and be involved in projects that support biodiversity and sustainable living.
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