Welcome to the Draught Animal News

Dear Readers,
We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the new DRAUGHT ANIMAL NEWS.
Although we shall try to continue the basic vision and philosophy of the former DAN, published between 1989 and 2009 by Dr. Anne Pearson of Edinburgh University, there will be some new aspects, adapting the publication to a changing world. Switching from a printed version to an e-based publication is certainly the most important change, offering ever more possibilities of collecting, treating and spreading information within an interactive network of interested people.
The DAN should be seen as a work in progress, depending to a large extent on the contributions provided by people from the different parts of the world where working animals are used. We hope that the access to the DAN in English, Spanish and French will allow and encourage you to join the international community of draught animal enthousiasts.
Contributions must be relevant and directly related to the use of working animals. In order to submit your contribution you have to sign in. While doing so you select one of the given categories where the contribution should appear in and add one or more topics (“tags”) which work as a kind indicator for the subject of your contribution. Contributors are encouraged to communicate their e-mail address in order to facilitate contacts and networking.
If you search for specific information you may choose between four different ways from simple search to more sophisticated options.
A NEWSLETTER containing the latest DAN contributions will be available from time to time. Subscription is requested but free of fixed charge.
We hope that the guidelines will help you to discover and enjoy the multiple aspects of DAN  and that many of our readers will join us as contributors.

Pit Schlechter
Chair of FECTU asblAir Max 1 Master
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